DVG Diamonds is Your Trusted Distributor of Wholesale Diamonds

For over 35 years, we have been a leader in the diamond industry, supplying the finest quality wholesale diamonds to our retail partners. In addition to supplying wholesale diamonds, we offer complete handmade design and fabrication.

Diamond Education

Knowing how to buy diamonds requires a little insight and knowledge. Our retail partners are considered experts when analyzing the quality of the diamonds being sold. You can rely fully on their expertise.  Knowing what to look for in wholesale diamonds is essential to making the right choice. Here is a brief buying guide for the 4 C’s.

Jewelry Fabrication

DVG Diamonds has been delivering stunning diamonds and beautiful custom design and fabrication services to jewelry stores around the country. Local Miami jewelers and our nationwide retail partners have come to know our company for exceptional designs and world class craftsmanship. From fully handmade to CAD designed, cast assembled jewelry, we use the latest technology and the finest materials. 

Our Work

DVG has been committed to providing the highest level of quality and customer service.  Here you will see many of our various designs.  The picture quality and lighting when photographing finished jewelry can vary,  we are using actual still pics with no editing.