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Delivering brilliance for over 35 years.

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DVG Diamonds combines the world class quality diamonds and the finest raw materials to create beautifully crafted diamond products for every single customer. We also use the latest in 3D printing technology to ensure our final product is flawless and always exceeds client expectations.

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Delivering brilliance for over 35 years.

Your DVG Reference Guide to Buying Wholesale Diamonds.

It has been a tradition that has continues to endure through the generations, and a symbol of lasting love and relationships. The diamond, considered the simplest of all gemstones and well-known for its strength and physical properties, has also been celebrated for its beauty for thousands of years.

This DVG reference guide to diamonds, together with the expert advice of your jeweler or DVG representative, will assist you in making an informed choice.

Making the Cut: The Four C’s of Diamonds

Diamond Cut

Light is one of the key ingredients to making a beautiful diamond.

A well cut stone will optimize the reflection of light, which is the definition of brilliance. A master cutter’s ultimate goal is to maximize the amount of reflected light traveling through the diamond in order to increase the stones brilliance. In other words, the better the cut, the better the sparkle.

Diamond Color

The best color that you can choose for a diamond is “colorless.”

Diamonds found in nature range from colorless to slightly yellow, to brown. The color grading system uses the letters in the alphabet ranging from “D” – which stands for the most colorless, therefore the most valuable- all the way to “Z”, which has the most tint of color within the normal range. A diamond’s color is best determined by observing it under controlled lighting and comparing it to the Gemological Institute of America’s master color scale.

A diamond’s color is best determined by having your jeweler show it to you under controlled lighting and comparing it to the Gemological Institute or America’s color scale, which is based on a set of diamonds in the known colors.

Diamond Clarity

Aiming for Flawless.

The best grade a diamond can receive is a “FL” which stands for flawless – a truly rare condition of nature. A diamond’s clarity refers to the quantity, size, and position of natural inclusions that occur inside a diamond. The fewer and less noticeable the inclusions are, the more valuable the diamond is. Diamonds are inspected for inclusions under 10x magnification, and are graded according to the chart shown here.

The same inclusion never occurs twice in nature, making a diamond’s imperfections unique and singular. Most imperfections in jewelry quality diamonds can not be seen by the naked eye.

Carat Weight

Aiming for Flawless.

A diamond’s size is referred to by its carat weight. Carat is not to be confused with Karat, which is the standard measurement for the purity of gold. A carat is a unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams. One carat is divided into 100 points, so that a diamond of 50 points weighs 0.5 carats, and a diamond of 175 points weighs 1.75 carats.

Although a large diamond is considered desirable, one must consider all the 4 C’s. A smaller diamond of higher clarity and color may be more valuable than a larger one of a lesser grade.

Beyond the Four C’s: Shape and Style

The shape of a diamond is important, for in selecting a particular shape, you are expressing your personal style. There are 10 traditional diamond shapes in which diamonds are crafted. Occasionally, a new, distinctive shape emerges. To the right are diamonds representing these shapes.

The Perfect Setting

The right setting for your diamond takes some consideration, for jewelry is considered to be the most personal expression of ones individual style. The right setting is the ultimate frame; Be it platinum, yellow, white or rose gold, traditional or modern in design. Your jeweler can advise you on a selection of settings that will perfectly compliment the beauty of your diamond.

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About our services

Delivering brilliance for over 35 years.

When it comes to designing something as beautiful as engagement rings…

DVG Diamonds has been delivering stunning diamonds and beautiful custom design and fabrication services to customers around the country. From diamond earrings to engagement rings South Florida jewelers and our nationwide retail partners have come to know our company for exceptional designs and world class craftsmanship. Our wholesale manufacturing services span the complete cycle of expert, hand crafted jewelry design.

Our Services

Design and Fabrication

We only use the latest technology and the finest raw materials.

When it comes to designing engagement rings, South Florida relies on our experience and attention to detail to meet and surpass expectations. We use CAD and wax model designs to turn our client’s vision into reality.  We use the highest standards of craftsmanship to supply one of kind custom designed pieces, including engagement rings and wedding bands.  Our artists make sure to take into consideration any unique requests our customers may have in order to make the finished product special.   We strive for complete customer satisfaction.

DVG is also using the latest in 3D printing technology to deliver incredible designs and detailed accuracy to deliver stunning settings.

Great materials are at the center of our design services. Like our diamonds, we only use the highest quality platinum and 18K white gold to ensure that all of our pieces are beautiful and built to last a lifetime.

Stone Setting

Craftsmanship is our guarantee.

Quality craftsmanship and a careful attention is what you can expect throughout every single one of our processes. Unlike modern jewelry manufacturers who mass produce to deliver on quantity rather than quality, our stones are set by hand using superior precision and care that only comes with years of experience. Our hand crafted approach and traditional techniques ensure only the highest quality and guaranteeing that your product last a lifetime. That’s the DVG commitment that has made us a leader in the business.

The Final Touches

Its all in the attention to detail.

For many of our customers, engraving is that important personal touch that separates their ring from the next. We specialize in delivering unique and beautiful hand engraving services that are performed by leading artists who excel in detailed and meticulousness designs.

The final polish is what brings your ring to life. And we ensure that you can proudly deliver a brilliant and unique piece that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in learning more about our design services, contact us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our representatives.

Find out why, from custom pieces to engagement rings Miami trusts DVG for all their wholesale diamonds and fabrication services needs.

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